The Basics

Welcome back to The Starving Artist blog! I decided to start with some basic good practices before jumping in to recipes.

Ingredient Versatility- it’s important to think about the ingredients you’re buying for cooking. If you have to buy every single component any time you want to try a new recipe, that can really add up! Instead, try to buy ingredients that you know you’ll use across multiple dishes. The more things you can use it in, the better! This will also help prevent food waste.

Shelf Life- you’ve probably already experienced the frustration of buying fresh fruits or vegetables only to watch them go bad before you can get around to eating them. Not all produce freezes equally, but I recommend trying to find your favorite frozen veggies and cooking with the frozen version instead of the fresh! I personally like frozen peas, you’ll probably see them quite frequently as an alternative for fresh veggies in recipes.

Time- the amount of time spent prepping, cooking, and cleaning can really add up, and time is a valuable resource. Throughout these recipes I’ll also be incorporating some tips to streamline and organize your cooking process to help minimize unnecessary time spent working in the kitchen.


Thank you so much for reading, I can’t wait to start cooking together!

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